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Commitment to Excellence: Our Quality Promise at EK Power Solutions

Welcome to EK Power Solutions, where quality isn't just an objective, but a commitment we uphold. By harmonizing structured processes, continuous improvement, and industry best practices, we deliver solutions that are reliable, efficient, and uniquely beneficial to your business. It's more than just a journey—it's our promise to transform challenges into high-value solutions.

Quality Certified

ISO 9001:2015

We are proud to be certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 standards. This globally recognized certification validates our commitment to maintaining the highest levels of quality management, continual improvement, and customer satisfaction. We adhere to the strict standards of this certification, ensuring that our products and services meet your needs and expectations every time.


Electronics Development Handbook

Smartare Elektronikhandboken 2.0

(available in Swedish)

This handbook is a joint effort among experts from multiple companies, including EK Power Solutions, and covers the A to Z of new electronic product development. After a well-received first edition, the Smartare Elektroniksystem innovation program, supported by Vinnova, rolled out this expanded second edition. It dives deeper into quality and reliability, while also offering practical design guidance.

Our Design Promise

A design from EK Power Solutions is distinguished by its:

  • Uncompromising reliability and robustness

  • Extended operational lifespan, guaranteeing minimal in-field issues

  • Exceptional energy efficiency, minimizing energy waste

  • Clever, system-optimized construction

  • Stellar manufacturing documentation, ensuring smooth production

Smart Development

In our development projects, we adhere to an established process infused with agile methodology. This approach allows for adaptability and quick response to changes, ensuring your project remains on track and up-to-date. By combining structured planning with agile flexibility, we deliver results that are both reliable and innovative. Choose us for a development process that is as dynamic as it is dependable.

Reliable Designs

Reliability is our hallmark. We craft robust, high-performing power electronics that you can count on. Our seasoned engineers employ rigorous testing and quality controls to ensure each product's long-lasting durability. With us, you're not just buying a product—you're gaining peace of mind. Choose EK Power for solutions that stand the test of time.

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