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About Us

The power electronics experts

Since 1978, we at EK Power Solutions have been dedicated to power electronics, motion control, and PCB layout design. We create unique solutions that match the individual needs of the businesses we work with. As part of the Addtech group, we use our rich history to keep improving and learning, building on our decades of know-how and expertise.


Today, we're a tight-knit team of about 20 skilled people, all working together to solve complex problems and create exciting solutions. We're not just passionate about our work, we also truly believe in creating a greener future. Everything we do aims at making the world a bit more sustainable. And we're not just offering development services, we also create custom-made products that we can deliver in series. That means every product we deliver is made just for you, making sure it works as well as possible and helps you to do your part in reducing environmental impact.

Our Mission

At EK Power Solutions, our mission is to aid sustainable and forward-thinking businesses in amplifying their competitive advantage through our leading-edge, innovative solutions in power electronics and motor control. Our commitment is to provide unparalleled design, development, and manufacturing support that enables these companies to excel in their respective fields while contributing to a sustainable future for us all.

Design House

As a specialized design house in the field of power electronics, we operate from our own dedicated offices, equipped with a state-of-the-art lab. This in-house advantage means that when you work with us, you're not just tapping into individual expertise, but gaining access to the collective experience and resources of our entire team. Choose EK Power Solutions for an integrated, knowledgeable approach to your project's needs.

Smart Development

In our development projects, we adhere to an established process infused with agile methodology. This approach allows for adaptability and quick response to changes, ensuring your project remains on track and up-to-date. By combining structured planning with agile flexibility, we deliver results that are both reliable and innovative. Choose us for a development process that is as dynamic as it is dependable.


Member of Big Science Sweden

Big Science Sweden, financed by the Swedish Research Council and Vinnova, aims to strengthen Sweden's ability and resources to develop and deliver advanced technology to large-scale research facilities in which Sweden participates and provides funding. 


Big Science Sweden helps companies, institutes, and universities participate in collaborations and conduct business with these research facilities.

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