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We are joining forces with Cumatix

On June 1st 2024, EK Power Solutions is joining forces with Cumatix AB, a leader in components and solutions for controlled motion. Both companies are members of the Addtech group. 


Our combined efforts with Cumatix marks the start of an exciting new chapter. You will benefit from increased expertise and a broader offering, which gives us the opportunity to offer even more advanced and complete solutions. We will continue to deliver the high standard of service and innovation you expect, now with enhanced resources.

The EK Power Solutions brand will live on. Although it will be integrated into Cumatix's corporate number, the values, quality and expertise that EK Power Solutions represents will live on and be visible in our merged offering in the near future. You will notice that the name lives on in the services and products we deliver, as well as in the way we communicate and interact with you as our valued partner.

We Develop and Deliver Power Electronics and Motion Control Products that Make You More Competitive

Welcome to EK Power Solutions. Since 1978, we've been immersed in the fields of power electronics, motion control, and PCB layout design, offering solutions that are as unique as the businesses we serve. As part of the Addtech group, we continue to draw from our extensive heritage, building on decades of accumulated knowledge and expertise.


Based in Stockholm, Sweden, we work with clients globally, delivering custom services and products designed to match your distinct requirements. Our approach to design is defined by innovation and precision, yielding customized solutions and hardware built to your specifications. At EK Power Solutions, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all. Instead, we strive to create products that align seamlessly with your individual needs. We invite you to explore what EK Power Solutions can offer.

Our Expertise

Over the years, we have nurtured a wide spectrum of skills that serves as our solid foundation, enabling us to deliver comprehensive and efficient solutions for our clients. Each area of our expertise carries a promise - the promise of experience, innovation, and a dedicated partnership. Explore our areas of proficiency to understand how we power progress.

An icon depicting power electronics

Power Electronics

We specialize in the development of advanced power electronics. Leveraging years of industry experience and technical expertise, we build solutions that efficiently manage and control power in your products and systems. Our solutions are not just robust, but are also crafted to meet your specific requirements, thus ensuring optimal performance.

An icon depicting motion control

Motion Control

We are proficient in developing motion control products, with a specific focus on electric motor drives. Our custom-designed motor drives not only optimize efficiency and performance but also seamlessly integrate with your systems. Whether you require drives for a simple motor or complex industrial systems, we can create the solution you need.

An icon depicting embedded software

Embedded Software

Our embedded software, specifically for power electronics and motion control, work in perfect harmony with our hardware designs to provide highly efficient and reliable systems.

With our embedded software, your power electronics and motion control systems perform at their peak, achieving your project's desired outcomes.

An icon depicting EMI and EMC


As experts in EMC, we are equipped with our own EMC testing facilities, bolstering our capability to deliver unparalleled solutions. We ensure your products meet essential EMC standards, providing a seamless operational environment free from electromagnetic interference. Trust in our dedicated lab and experienced team to adeptly navigate and address any EMC challenges.

An icon depicting PCB layout

PCB Layout

We have a dedicated team for PCB layout, specifically focused on power electronics design. Our experts understand the unique requirements and challenges of creating effective and efficient PCB layouts for power electronics. By incorporating industry best practices and cutting-edge design tools, we can deliver highly functional, reliable, and cost-effective PCB layouts.

An icon depicting mechanical design

Mechanical Design

We recognize the critical role of mechanical design in developing robust and efficient products. Our engineers meticulously construct designs that ensure effective heat dissipation, prolonging product life, and optimizing performance. Additionally, by focusing on design for manufacturing, we create solutions that are not only effective but also cost-efficient and straightforward to produce.

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