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A printed circuit board (PCB)

Gain competitive advantage through our power electronics expertise

Magnetic Components for Power Electronics

High-Quality Inductors, Transformers, EMC Coils, and Current Sensors

Welcome to our range of magnetic components, where quality meets innovation. Our collection includes:

  • Inductors: Designed for optimal performance in power applications.

  • Transformers: Customizable for various power supply and signal applications.

  • EMC Coils: Essential for reducing electromagnetic interference, ensuring smoother operation.

  • Current Sensors: Accurate and reliable, ideal for precise current monitoring.



Tailored for your application

Designed for switching mode power converter, PFC, ripple filters and many more applications

Industrial robots

Custom Power Supplies

Tailored for your application

Power supplies designed with our extensive experience, but tailored for your application's specific requirements, with respect to both price and performance.

Magnetic components

Magnetic Components

Tailored for your application

We design and develop custom magnetics components, specifically for the electronics we design for you. From prototypes to serial production.

Industrial power supply

Standard Power Supplies

For rapid time-to-market

Open frame or closed frame power supplies that offer varieties of nominal output voltage with versatile configuration options.

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